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Presenting the Ábrahám Inn in Palić

József Ábrahám Senior opened the At Ábrahám's Inn in 1939, and at that time it was a cafe. It was known as the Schiller buffet in a later period, and in 1966, Ferenc Ábrahám restored it into an inn, and he managed it until it closed in 1984. József Ábrahám revived the inn in 1999, and after he passed away in 2005, Krisztina Ábrahám, a member of the fourth generation, took over and still manages the restaurant. Hungarian flavours dominate the cuisine, and the signature dishes of the restaurant, such as the veal goulash, fish soup from filleted fish and the catfish stew are well renowned far and wide. The speciality of the inn is a traditional dish which is served each Friday- the veal head goulash. It has been on the menu from the very beginning and is a huge favourite among the patrons. Apart from that, there are another forty dishes to choose from- specialities made from turkey, chicken and pork meat, and also from several sweet water fishes (perch, carp, sterlet). And it would be a shame to miss dessert after the fine dishes! The opening hours of the Ábrahám Inn are from 11 am to 11 pm from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 am to 6 pm on Sunday, and you can find it in Palić, at Horgoški put 132, and on the following telephone number 024/755-012.

The Hét Nap Calendar, 2010